What is Fusiondary?

Fusion is a rock-pop choir created for teenagers to explore music and experience community. Throughout Europe, over 40 local Fusion choirs meet weekly to learn songs together and prepare for concerts in schools or different places in their city.

The International Fusiondary Festival is a rare opportunity for these choirs to come together in one place and perform concerts for each other. The first International Fusiondary took place in 2016. Other years, some Fusions have had the chance to meet together within their own countries at national festivals, but at the International Fusiondary Festival, Fusionists can be inspired by many different communities and cultures.

The festival will take place on 26.-28.4.2019 in the Czech Republic in a city called Vsetín. There will be between 900 and 1,000 people from 11 different countries participating in the festival. Throughout the weekend, there will be a lot of Fusion concerts, games, talks, and iNSPIRE ME sessions. Fusionists will be reunited with old Fusion friends and make many new ones.

All you really need to know about this incredible event is the the International Fusiondary Festival will hold more inspiration than you can ever imagine. Don’t miss it.